Higher Vision 
& Deeper Healing

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Mission & Purpose

As a Mental Health Counselor and Life Coach, my purpose is to serve as a healer, helper and guide to those facing life challenges. My passion is in assisting others in finding healing, empowerment, and deeper insight into themselves. My central philosophy is that the answers and the healing we seek can be found within. It is my role to simply facilitate the healing and self discovery process for my clients and community.

Oronde Yero, MS, LAPC, NCC
Mental Health Counselor 
& Life Coach

Services Offered

Oronde Yero is passionate about helping others find success in life. He encourages clients to take on the wonderful journey of living their passion. He promotes authenticity by cultivating coaching sessions that are relaxed, open and non-judgemental. Oronde does not dictate to clients what they should do with their lives, he simply facilitates a self-discovery process. His “client-centered” approach to coaching is based on a fundamental belief that within each of us dwells a wellspring of wisdom and power. Thus, his role is simply to help clients get rid of the interferences that may be clouding their vision or hindering their progress. Though sensitive and compassionate, he will challenge clients to overcome any limitation that keep them from achieving their goals.


Our workshops are meant to be thought provoking, informative and interactive. Attendees will be actively participating in the learning process

Life Coaching

If you are like most of us, there are goals that you just have not been able to actualize for one reason or the other.A Life Coach will help you fill the gap between wanting to do something and actually doing.

Client Testimonials

“For years I have felt that I lost my way through what we call life. I found my self taking care of everyone's business but my own. I was experiencing a void in my life that I could not quite pin point. Working with Oronde has brought about a great sense of revelation for me and my life. I have become more in tune with my career goals and I feel like I am on the right path to spiritual clarity. My experience thus far has been very valuable to me. Oronde offers insight and empowerment and I am honored to have the opportunity of receiving his services.”
“I was completely surprised by Ascensions services. I came to Ascensions to explore meditation but have acquired so much more. Oronde counseled me with the life changes that I have been dealing with and provided me an outlet to discuss, study and analyze my transformation and consider the best practices to get myself back on track. I found myself looking forward to our sessions because it gave me an opportunity to release my worries, fears and stresses and focus on my future. I am grateful for what I've learned from Oronde and what I've accomplished. I can honestly say that my spiritual and professional future is amazingly bright because of the resources that I've received from Ascensions. Thanks you, Oronde. I am forever grateful.”
“Oprah often speaks about "Living your best life now". Ascensions PES is the gateway for making the change you need in your life. I have been given the tools needed to restructure my life. I have found what is important and I'm sticking to it.”

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