about ORONDE

Oronde Yero (Oh-run-day) MS, LAPC, NCC is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Life Coach. He is also the founder of Ascensions Personal Empowerment Services, located in Atlanta Georgia. He is an independent researcher, practitioner, and teacher of personal growth, stress management, meditation, and hypnosis. He has studied yoga and spiritual philosophy for over 10 years under the guidance of Dr. Muata Ashby and the Sema Institute. He is certified in Kemetic Yoga Instruction and Counseling. He is a gifted artist, poet, writer and martial artist. Professionally, Oronde has served as a educator in public schools and residential treatment facilities. As a teacher, he has learned to facilitate learning by consistently seeking to better understand the unique needs of each student. Oronde Yero is driven by a desire to help others discover their passions and live more abundantly.