Oronde Yero is passionate about helping others find success in life. He encourages clients to take on the wonderful journey of living their passion. He promotes authenticity by cultivating coaching sessions that are relaxed, open and non-judgemental. Oronde does not dictate to clients what they should do with their lives, he simply facilitates a self-discovery process. His “client-centered” approach to coaching is based on a fundamental belief that within each of us dwells a wellspring of wisdom and power. Thus, his role is simply to help clients get rid of the interferences that may be clouding their vision or hindering their progress. Though sensitive and compassionate, he will challenge clients to overcome any limitation that keep them from achieving their goals. 

Oronde Can Help You:


Clarify What You Want

Get Motivated

Identify Interferances

Develop A Plan

Stay Focused

Reduce Stress

Be Accountable

Celebrate Your Success