Oronde’s¬†workshops are designed to empower all attendees. Attendees will leave our workshops with applicable knowledge, materials and skills that they can begin using right away.These workshops are meant to be thought provoking, informative and interactive. Attendees will be actively participating in the learning process.Workshops can be tailored to meet your organizations specific goals and time constraints.

Finding Your Higher Self in a Lost World

There are many who find themselves at a crossroad. They feel lost and unable to identify what they truly want out of life. They have done what they were told, yet found their lives unfulfilled. They long for a higher experience. This workshop is designed for individuals who are awakening to the desire to know themselves and align with their higher self and purpose.

Attendees will:

1. Understand the meaning of an Exitential Crisis.
2. Identify the benefits of looking within.
3. Recogize Externalization.
4. Understand the Self-Alienation Process.
5. Learn to Resist Self-Alienation.
6. Learn to be still (and know).
7. Distinguish their “inner voice” from the voices of the world.
8. Recognizing their Higher Self and Higher Vision.
9. Identify barriers to living true to your Higher Self.
10.Develop action plans to integrate thier higher vision into lives moving forward.

Length: 1-4 hours,

Healing 4 Healers

This Workshop is for those who self-identify as healers. Healers may be doctors, nurses, social workers, therapist, counselors, etc. The aim of this workshop is to assist healers in taking better care of themselves. We will explore the beauty of the helping professions. But we will also examine the difficulties and unique challenges of being a healer. This workshop will help us to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue. We will pay special attention to developing greater self awareness, appropriate boundaries and effective self-care.

Attendees Will:

1. Understanding the call to Heal.
2. Identify the roll of a Healer.
3. Recognize the Importance of Being Self-Aware.
4. Avoid Transferance & Counter-Transferance.
5. Differentiate between Compassion vs Codependency.
6. Maintaining Healthy Boundaries.
7. Know when to say “No”.
8. Avoiding Compassion Fatigue & Burnout.
9. Learn how to deal with those we can not/could not Save.
10.Learn Self-care Strategies.

Length: 1-4 hours.